We Are Here To

Unite Lightworkers

On Earth to create a community of heavenly ascension.

Give Starseeds

From all galactic origins a way to create cosmic harmony.

Provide Psychics

The means to unlock our inner self and show us our soul memories.

Help Earthkin

Embrace the universe for a wild ride of spiritual understanding and open communication.

Our Purpose

Soul Emergence Community was founded on the key principle of uniting the star gate pentagram of Earth as an open hub for growth and enlightenment. Celestial, Fae, Mage, Astral and Shadow realms have been the focus behind all interdimensional visitors travelling to and from Earth. Now with the help of uncovering soul memories and reawakening long lost knowledge, we are setting out upon a journey of harmonious enlightenment within the love frequency as a collective. This is where souls from the universe unite on Earth online.

From this galaxy and beyond, Starseeds are committed to being sovereign members of a universe we all inhabit. The term starseed comes from the words star and seed, meaning from the stars, to bring life to others.

Souls like us are travellers by nature. We usually focus on a particular location until the decision to move elsewhere is made by us. In a sense, starseeds are extraterrestrials in human form. Many of us are visionaries. You are not alone.

Globally, our mission is to seek for the stars. Individually, it is common to see a starseed wish to help Earth, the people here and assist other worlds like it in our own way.

Earth is important to many people as some of us have spent a long time here. Although our physical lives are short, they provide a means to directly be a part of what constitutes this worlds history. Some starseeds, along with other Earth natives, are the historians which help make it possible.

The difference between this world and others, is the conditions for life to grow and evolve. Recently, opportunities have made it possible for Earth to become a part of the populated universe through the acceptance of interactions with other nations. Hoping for change, starseeds come here to assist in the development of this planet, to become not only a space nation, but also a world of experiences to remember and come home to.

In order to further their understanding while incarnated here, conscious souls use tools such as psychic perception, meditation and self intuition to access soul memories. By doing so, it becomes possible to study and enhance our local environment transforming ideas to realities one change at a time.

welcoming participation by people from Earth, the stars, the astral (spirit) realm and beyond. Are you interested? Come join us.

We can't promise physical extraterrestrial disclosure just yet. However, our achievements and interests in Earthly affairs have been able to lead us to successful scientific discoveries. Because of us, we have invented science to bridge both spirituality and other elementary entities with matter around us, so we can make the world of our dreams happen together. By participating in the awakening of knowledge to bring us closer to such a reality. With an open mind, anything is possible.

We hope to see you soon. Wishing you well, with love and blessings. The Soul Emergence Community.


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